Aluminium constructions

Aluminium construction

AbavaTechnology offers system solutions of famous aluminium profile manufacturers, such as Schuco (Germany), Reynaers (Belgium), New Tec (Italy).

Our technical abilities in processing of aluminium profiles and manufacturing of doors, windows and facades are based on solid experience of engineers and modern park of original Schüco machine tools.


AbavaTechnology works in Russia and republics of CIS, including Ukraine and Latvia. We have offices, representatives and distributing companies in:

  • Moscow (HQ)
  • St. Petersburg
  • Krasnodar
  • Rostov
  • Kazan
  • Samara
  • Tolyatti
  • Nizhni Novgorod
  • Khabarovsk
  • Voronezh
  • Ryazan
  • Makhachkala
  • Grozny

Aluminium construction

Government structures, famous Russian and foreign banks, shopping mall networks, manufacturing companies, general contractors and developers are among our customers. Lots of well-known companies rely on our products in the field of glazing and aluminium constructions, and many of our customers are world-famous.

AbavaTechnology has all the needed documents, licenses and certificates to produce and install glazing and aluminium structures of all kinds, including glass roofs and facades and bullet-proof windows. Some certificates are issued by Internal Affairs Ministry and Association of Russian Constructors.

In most cases we can offer system solutions for the needs of our customers. In some cases our company can offer non-standard solutions or mix of different systems of different aluminium profile manufacturers. In all cases our service-center provides warranty and after-warranty maintenance of AbavaTechnology products and installations.

Doors and windows

Windows, doors, entrances

    AbavaTechnology manufactures and installs aluminium windows, doors and entrances:

  • Aluminium door
  • Aluminium entrance
  • Aluminium window

    Residential and bullet-proof aluminium windows made of best aluminium profiles Reynaers, Schuco, GutMann and NewTec. Aluminium doors and glass entrances of all kinds, including burglar-proof glass doors and frameless partitions.

Winter gardens

AbavaTechnology can install different types of aluminium winter gardens. All our winter gardens have water-proof warranty. Safety glass, installed in the walls and roof of the winter-gardens, is shatterproof.


  • Winter garden
  • Structure of winter garden

Facade systems

AbavaTechnology offers wide range of aluminium facade systems:

  • Post-and-lintel systems

    Post-and-lintel systems

    Glass is pressed to the aluminium frame with hold-down block plates

  • Structural facades

    Structural facades without hold-down plates

    Edge of glass is firmly mounted to the aluminium framework with jointing compound and special structure of the glass edge.

  • Planar or cable-stayed facades

    Planar or cable-stayed facades

    Glass front is mounted without aluminium stands or post-and-linel system. Glazing is mostly up to 6,0 m height and mounted on system of metal cables.

  • Spider-glazing structure Spider-glazing


    Glazing parts are jointed with spider-type connections without aluminium framework.

  • Bullet-proof windows and facades

    Bullet-proof windows and facades

    Bullet-proof glazing is very heavy due to multilayered bullet-proof glass and armored aluminum framework.

  • Elemental facades

    Elemental facades

    Post-and-lintel or structural facade with elements (several parts jointed together) assembled in advance. That type of facade is used when fast and precise mounting of large-scale constructions is needed.

  • Non-insulated or semi-insulated facades

    Non-insulated or semi-insulated facades

    Is used when faade is only a decorative cover of the building. Thermal-insulated parts of faade match together with windows of the building.

  • Jumbo-glazing store Jumbo-glazing


    Large-scale facades with separate glass parts up to 6,0 x 3,2 m.

  • High-altitude glazing

    High-altitude glazing

    Facades for high-rise buildings.

  • Roof glazing

    Roof glazing

    Glass in 3-dimensional aluminum framework or angularly related glass surfaces.

  • Decorative glazing

    Decorative glazing

    Is used in renewal and modernization of an existent building.


Vitrines for jeweller's

AbavaTechnology has wide experience in installation of shop-windows (vitrines, show-windows). We are specialized on shop-windows of large-scale and on burglar-proof show-windows for jewelry stores and banks.

Our window and door systems are compatible with modern automatic drives, revolving doors and security booths.

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