Security airlock booths

Шлюзовые кабины

AbavaTechnology – is the main distributor, installer and service-center of security booths, manufactured by Saima Sicurezza, Tonali, E.T..

Security booth – automatic airlock device, designed as a part of access control systems.

Security booth includes 2 contours of automatic doors on the external and internal parts of the airlock. Direct passage through the booth is impossible: at one moment only 1 door can be opened: external or internal.

Inside the booth the analysis of the visitor is proceeding: check on the access level, control of the one-by-one passage, presence of the restricted objects (weapons, explosives).

Security booth functions

  • Substitutes or reinforces security of the entrance to protected area
  • Automatic control of the visitors flow
  • Impossible hostage taking (passage through the interlock is impossible with a hostage)
  • Against weapons and explosives
  • Chance for negotiations (when the attack is done by a group of criminals you can invite only one inside without a risk that the others rush in)
  • Vandalproof security
  • Emergency state for direct passage from inside of the evacuating area
  • Convenient passage even with luggage
  • Security booth allows creating an entrance group with metal detector on 1 square meter.

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