Fireproof glazing

AbavaTechnology offers fireproof windows, doors and partitions, produced on Schueco Stahl profile systems.

Fireproof transparent structures, offered by our company, have best design due to high-quality steel frames and modern technologies in glass-manufacture. Our products meet all the requirements and standards of fireproof security.

Frameless fireproof glazing

Design imagination meets unlimited abilities of modern frameless fireproof constructions.

Resisting fire

Fireproof windows and doors resist heat from both sides in case of fire.

Fireproof ability is provided by special thermo-stable material compositions, put inside the chambers of steel frame. In case of fire the construction (frame and glass) keeps its shape during long time due to abilities of used materials to form fireproof foam and coke layer.

Our company doesn’t use steel net reinforced glass. Fireproof glass, installed in our constructions is fully transparent.


All fireproof products of our company passed all the needed tests and are certified according to Russian standards. They meet all requirements and norms of construction regulation.

Frameless fireproof glazing

Common fireproof partitions consist of 2 parts:

  • Special multi-layer fireproof glass
  • Safety steel frame with thermo-stable completion

Fireproof glass is put into frame. In case of fire glass keeps its shape due to its fireproof abilities and frame keeps its position. There is no gap between glass and frame, where fire can pass through.

Our company offers new technology in fireproof partitions construction: frameless fireproof doors and partitions. In this case the edges of adjoining glass parts are not separated with frame, but join directly to each other. It is possible because of very smooth edges of the glass and special transparent completion between parts of the glazing.

Partitions have attractive design because of high-class stainless steel profile of Jansen manufacture, used in the point of glass and wall joining.

Frameless fireproof partitions may be positioned under different angles to each other without frame between joining parts (from 90 to 180 degrees).

Length of the glazing is unlimited. Frameless height may reach 5.0 meters. Frameless joining to main walls of the building is possible.

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