Safety films

Safety film

AbavaTechnology uses safety films of LLumar (USA) manufacture to armour windows and other transparent glass constructions (doors, facades). Lavsan window films provide strength of the covered glass and non-fragment crash in case of attack. In case of attack, glass crashes, but keeps its shape.

This method of glass armouring is approved by Russian out-departmental police and is widely used in banks, shops and other public-institutions instead of lattices on windows.

Safety film characteristics

LLumar window films may have different transparency coefficients for visible light transmission. Safety film may be fully transparent, so that covered glass is non-different from common non-armoured glass. Safety films may be used in combination with toned or mirror decorative films.

Film covered glass reduces costs of the conditioning of the apartments, screening heat from the Sun in summertime.

Safety classes

Safety film can strengthen glass to 3 different classes: A1, A2 and A3 by Russian standards. The most strong glass class is commonly used A3.

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