Interactive wall

Interactive wall, Chanel tower

Interactive wall projects consist of different modern technologies combination, upgrading common glass façade to gigantic screen with advertising or entertaining video.

During daytime, when employees inside the building need sun light, interactive wall is in transparent mode. No difference with common façade can be noticed.

Façade is glazed with smart-glass, that switches to mat mode at night, becoming a screen for the projector system. That screen can reach 1000 or more square meters area: its dimensions are only limited by the dimensions of the building.


Interactive wall can show any video, that designer can imagine. Video is put directly from the server system to the interactive wall.

Advertisement movie on interactive wall

Interactive wall is a high definition display, able to show high-quality video without manual operating and with remote control.

Main feature of the interactive wall is ability not to disturb people inside the building in the daytime. People inside the building receive as much sunlight as employees in the common business centers, not equipped with interactive wall system.

Interactive wall is working automatically under control of one server.

Server is easy to maintain – this provides high reliability of the system.

Video is generated by the LED-tube systems, installed inside the building. These devices produce bright high definition video and smart-glass provides anti-aliasing of the picture (without marked LED-pixels).

Black automatic blinds are to be installed after LED-tubes to produce non-transparent background for the generated video.

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