Bullet-proof windows

AbavaTechnology offers wide range of bulletproof windows: based on aluminium frame of Reynaers (Belgium, NewTec (Italy) manufacture or stainless steel frame of Schueco (Germany) manufacture.

Bulletproof ability is provided by armored installations inside the frame of the window and by the multi-layer bulletproof glass.

Bulletproof systems passed all the needed tests and are certified according to Russian standards (GOST R).


Thermostable windows are based on multichamber profiles. Thermal insulation is provided by thermal break inside chamber of the frame.

AbavaTechnology uses aluminium and steel profiles with depth up to 80 mm. Such deep profiles provide ability to use air chamber inside of the multi-layer glass with depth not less than 6 mm. The combination of thermal break in frame and glass provides good ability to resist heat and cold.

When you install thermostable bulletproof windows there is no need to install common windows to resist cold. You have only one window-contour between inside and outside. Such windows help to resist cold and sniper.

The design of bulletproof windows is similar to the design of common windows of high-quality. They are installed in one contour and do not violate the interior of your apartment.

Bulletproof windows in use

Bulletproof windows exploitation is different because of their high weight.

The maximum life time of bulletproof windows can be reached if they are manufactured without opening parts (without leafs).

But it is possible to produce opening bulletproof windows. In that case the customer must use the leaf as rare as possible, only to clean the glass, but not for ventilation purposes. It is strictly non-recommended to keep bulletproof leafs opened as hinges will be soon disabled.

Finishing of the frame

AbavaTechnology offers wide range of frame finishing with different design:

  • RAL scale powder coating
  • “Wooden” design decorative film cover
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Stainless steel frame (including thermo insulated option)

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