Traffic bollards

AbavaTechnology supplier and service-center of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical bollards of European manufacture.

Traffic bollards have impressive look and long life of heavy duty. Hydraulic traffic bollards are designed to be installed on open air and ready for severe climatic conditions (low temperatures, ice, snow, dirt). Traffic bollards may be optionally equipped with self-regulating heating systems under control of external thermo-sensor.

Modern technologies in manufacturing of automatic traffic bollards and hydraulic drive in their mechanical unit lead to smooth and high-speed performance of these devices. Traffic bollards are designed for intense usage and installation on such sites like parking entrance and other protected areas. Bollards do not decrease traffic flow comparing to common hydraulic or electromechanical barrier. But in case of bollards installation protection level becomes much higher.

Bollard is the best solution for antiterrorist defense of buildings and other areas, which need additional protection.

Bollard functions

Traffic bollards modern solution for traffic control and antiterrorist protection of buildings and parkings. When inactive, bollard is fully concealed underground and doesnt make influence on traffic. When active, bollards blocks the road for vehicles, but saves the way for pedestrians.

Cylindrical bollards may have different dimensions and protection level. Some bollards were designed especially for antiterrorist defense (for instance, Antiterrorist model).

Traffic bollards comparing to common barriers have high level of protection to vehicle attack and ability to save road way for pedestrians. Bollards may be used to arrange parking with individual car-places, building perimeter security and high-level defense of the entrance.

AbavaTechnology technicians are well-experienced in traffic bollards installation and have all needed certificates. AbavaTechnology service-center may lead a training course for engineers of our dealers.


Bollards may have different look and optional components with the same protection level.

Cylinder the moving part of traffic bollard, may have any color or may be covered with stainless steel. Traffic bollards with satin finish stainless steel cover have fantastic look, but need special care every week, especially in winter period.

Traffic bollards may have lighting system and sound signal to indicate the position of the cylinder. Lighting system helps the driver to see bollard at night. Sound signal helps the driver when he doesnt see bollard position from inside the car. When sound-signal stops driver knows that the bollard is underground.

Where to install a bollard

  • High-level protection of the entrance
  • Parking with individual car-place
  • Building perimeter security

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