Unique technology of Saint Gobain (Belgium) makes it possible to switch smart glass from mat to transparent mode and back instantly by one click on the remote control.

Smart-glass is a composition of 2 layers of glass (transparent or toned), with a liquid crystal layer between them.

When smart-glass is cut off from the power source, liquid crystals are oriented chaotic, preventing visible light to pass through the glass layers from both sides. When the power is put on smart-glass, crystals are directed so that light rays pass through the glass without distortion. Smart-glass becomes fully transparent in that case.

Where to install

  • Partitions
  • Projector displays
  • Sliding doors
  • Interiors
  • Shop windows
  • Security systems

Interactive wall

Interactive wall at night is a gigantic entertaining or advertising display with dimensions of a business centre front. In the daytime interactive wall is fully transparent and doesn’t prevent light to pass into the building. Details on the interactive wall section.

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