AbavaTechnology – direct supplier and installer of elite turnstiles, manufactured by European companies: Gunnebo (Sweden) and Saima Sicurezza (Italy).

All the turnstiles, offered by our company, are fully compatible with all access control systems. For instance, passage permission may be received from proximity card-reader or biometric scanner.

Installation purpose

  • Visitors flow control
  • Time of passage control
  • Ability to block passage through turnstile at any time

Main characteristics of the turnstiles

  • Design and finishing (options)
  • Dimensions vary in wide range
  • Width of the passage
  • Passages per minute (about 20)
  • Type (tripod, gate, revolving type, etc.)

Applications for turnstiles

  • Administrative institutions
  • Offices and business-centres
  • Banks

Installation of turnstiles

Installation and set-up of the turnstiles may be done as by the forces of AbavaTechnology, as by the forces of the customer. Installation supervision in the second case is available. AbavaTechnology is able to do all the comoving works with installation of turnstiles: finishing works, access control system installation and set-up, etc.

Warranty and service-center

AbavaTechnology is making service in warranty and postwarranty cases for all the supplied turnstiles. Warranty period may be elongated to 36 months in case of using the equipment according to guidance and regular maintenance operations.

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